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'19 Spring Tryouts

Thank you for your interest in Kraken Basketball Club. The Washington Warriors Elite Basketball Club has joined the Kraken family, and have brought along their coaching prowess, administrative staff and passion. We are very excited to get started on what is shaping up to be a knockout season for the Kraken Warriors. Please follow the below steps to properly prepare for our upcoming tryouts! 

Training Location

All teams train at The Lair Courts, home of Kraken Basketball & Volleyball Clubs. The Lair is a 4 court basketball / volleyball competition and training center owned and operated by Kraken. The Lair is just 3 blocks North of IKEA with easy access to I-5, I-405 & 167 freeways. 

2019 Season Details

Kraken is holding tryouts to form 2 to 3 boys and girls teams in each of the below age groups. 

3rd Grade | Boys & Girls | Black & Volt
4th Grade | Boys & Girls | Black & Volt
5th Grade | Boys & Girls | Black, Volt & Steel
6th Grade | Boys & Girls | Black, Volt & Steel
7th Grade | Boys & Girls | Black, Volt & Steel
8th Grade | Boys & Girls | Black, Volt & Steel
U15 | Boys & Girls | Black & Volt
U16 | Boys & Girls | Black & Volt
U17 | Boys & Girls | Black & Volt

Tryout Period

Kraken's tryout period is April 1- May 1. We encourage any interested athlete to attend one of our weeknight training sessions to be evaluated. Our goal is to place every athlete on a team that would like to play. Please make sure to read up the season details page.

Tryout Registration

Section 1 - Grade Eligibility

For the current season, the 2018-19 school year grade determines the age group your athlete is eligible for. 3rd graders can play 3rd grade or higher, 8th graders can play 8th grade or higher. For High School athletes, the age eligibility is determined by the age of the athlete as of September 1, 2018. 

Section 2 - Kraken Tryout Registration

You must be registered online for tryouts. Click the Register now button below to begin the online registration. Please have your athlete suited up and present 15 minutes prior to the scheduled activity start time.

Walkup Tryout Registration - Only if Space Permitting

In the event that you have not pre registered your athlete for tryouts, we will accept walkup tryout registrations up until the time of the scheduled activity start time. Registration will need to be completed online via a Kraken computer in the lobby of our facility, and paid via credit card, check or cash. 

Tryout Location

The Lair Courts - Home of Kraken Basketball & Volleyball Clubs
3405 Lind Ave SW
Renton, WA 98057

Parking and Gym Entrances

Must park legally in a lined parking stall meant for a regularly sized vehicle. You may not park in a semi trailer parking spot or in front of a loading dock door. 

Tryout Process

Applicant athletes will be run through a series of drills to evaluate their current and potential basketball knowledge and skills. It is expected that each athlete attend both scheduled days of tryouts in order for the coaching staff to make the best evaluation of the athlete. If the athlete is unable to make both days, they may be invited to attend the 3rd day of tryouts for further evaluation. 


Selections to join Kraken Basketball Club will be extended based on an athlete's current skills assessment, potential for improvement, as well as best positional fit based on the pool of tryout athletes. 

Team Offer Process

Kraken Will

  • Extend offers in writing using the Kraken Letter of Commitment
  • Give the athlete up to 24 hours to accept or decline the offer
  • Kraken will not rescind an offer before the 24 hour period

Athletes May

  • Accept offer immediately, sign Kraken Letter of Commitment, complete required payments upon acceptance
  • Decline an offer immediately
  • Choose to take 24 hours to make an acceptance decision 

Kraken Warriors Incumbent Signing Policy

  • Incumbents follow the same signing process as non-incumbents.
  • Kraken wants athletes to play with clubs and on teams that are the best fit for them.
  • We hope that our incumbent athletes will attend tryouts with the goal of receiving a Kraken offer.
  • Kraken does not take incumbent offers lightly, incumbent athletes are given special consideration during the tryout process.

Forms & Payments Due Upon Commitment

  • Completed Kraken Letter of Commitment
  • Completed Online Team Registration & Payment Plan registration
  • Completed Uniform Fee Payment
  • Medical Release Form Completed Online
  • National SportsID Registration Receipt

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